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Conclusion Differential diagnosis is a critical part of the initial assessment of physical therapy clients. With direct access to physical therapy services, clinicians must be aware of potential systemic and viscerogenic conditions that might explain the client’s symptoms. Although infrequent, these situations can be serious and may necessitate referral to another healthcare provider. Adams, L. M., & Turk, D. C. (2015). Psychosocial factors and central sensitivity syndromes. Current rheumatology reviews , 11 (2), 96-108. 619095330 Š Agency for Health Care Policy and Research. (1994). Acute low back problems in adults: Assessment and treatment. Clinical Practice Guideline: Quick Reference Guide for Clinicians, 14, iii-25. Š Ahuja, V., Yencha, M. W., & Lassen, L. F. (1999). Head and neck manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux disease. American Family Physician , 60 (3), 873-886. Š Akaishi, T., Kobayashi, J., Abe, M., Ishizawa, K., Nakashima, I., Aoki, M., & Ishii, T. (2019). 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Once systemic and viscerogenic origins of cervical pain are eliminated, the assessing clinician can confidentially proceed with assignation of the appropriate diagnosis. This, in turn, helps determine the most effective plan of care so that the physical therapist can effectively treat the client’s presenting symptoms.

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